Grapeline Wine Tours

The week of my wedding, my main goal was to spend as much time with our out of town guests as possible. I wanted to show off my hometown of Temecula, but I was so overwhelmed with wedding planning that I didn't want to spend hours planning a wine tasting trip. Enter... Grapeline Wine Tours!

This amazing family owned (love) local business offers a tour service that takes you around to all the local wineries, gives you a backstory, and even gives the option of a catered lunch. It was the PERFECT way to "host" our family and friends without actually having to lift a finger. Our tour guide Sam was knowledgable, funny, and by the third winery was basically the most patient cat-herder in existence (there is a special place in heaven for Sam). 

After touring with Grapeline I was SO excited to find out that they offer tours in 5 different wine regions throughout California (Temecula, Sonoma, Napa, Paso Robles, and Santa Barbara). 

They're also owned by the RADDEST couple you could ever hope to meet, John & Kim. They are super involved in the local business community and have each been named Temecula's "citizen of the year". I love supporting and working with people who advocate for their community.

And if you're a borderline lush like me, they have a guest loyalty program called Kay Syrah that rewards frequent guests. 

If you like fun, CLICK HERE to learn more about Grapeline.

And don't forget to follow their instagram to see what they're up to!