The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra's BEST Summer Event

sad vader.jpg

I am so excited to be attending Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra's Concert's in the Garden for their upcoming "Star Wars and Beyond" show this weekend! First off, can we talk about how fancy I feel going to the symphony!? I feel, like, super fancy. Secondly, let's talk about why this event is so rad and why you should all be attending. 


This is a family friendly event, y'all! The first half of the show boasts Disney tunes from Frozen, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King... I wish my nephews were in town because they would have A BLAST! And if you've always wanted to get your photo taken with Darth Vader, fear not, the 501st Legion Star Garrison will be in cosplay for your photo taking pleasure. Lest we forget the best part, you are allowed to bring in a picnic dinner and your own beer and wine!!! BLESS YOU Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra! The cherry on top!? Steel City Pops will be selling popsicles to keep you cool! Good times await! 


Be sure to check out their website HERE to grab tickets for one of the 3 showings this weekend!!! 

May the Fort be with You!