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Don’t have time to read? (or organize?) Pin this post and save it for later!

Don’t have time to read? (or organize?) Pin this post and save it for later!

If y’all know my husband he is as neat and tidy as they come. I am talking level 10 neat freak. He likes a place for everything, and everything in its place. I, on the other hand, am the queen of clutter. We always joke that his brain is a filing cabinet and mine is a snow globe...which is depressing yet extremely accurate. So after we established that we were moving, I made it my goal to get more organized to “spark joy” for my OCD spouse. We will call this season in our life “Operation Organization” because I have learned that decluttering your whole house is no effing joke.

While this process has been time consuming, I am already seeing the benefits of “tidying up”, and here is a little guide on the processes and products we used to make “Operation Organization” a success.

Get your Marie Kondo On

I started off this process by mentally pumping myself up with a hearty Marie Kondo Binge. I was going into organizational hell, and with Marie Kondo as my witness, I vowed to be victorious. After watching multiple people on Netflix purge their house of items that didn’t “spark joy”, and seeing how happy and accomplished they were after the process, I was ready for battle.

The first thing I did was clean out our old house before the move. I wanted to make sure we didn’t end up moving things we didn’t need over to the new house. Because is there anything worse than unpacking your 12th box and thinking “what is all this shit?” The answer is no. So we went through every drawer, cabinet, closet, and box and threw out the junk.

If it sparked joy, it stayed, and if it didn’t “spark joy” it went straight to Goodwill. And as ridiculous as this may have sounded when I first started, the concept now makes COMPLETE sense to me and helps me get rid of items on a daily basis I would maybe have held onto before. I am now sparking joy and tossing junk like it’s nobody’s business.

What do I do with my items that “Spark Joy”?

After the great Marie Kondo Purge, we were left with a collection of items we actually needed and wanted...go us! But the battle wasn’t over; we needed a way to store all of these items that made them accessible. We measured each cabinet and drawer and set aside what we wanted to go in those spaces. Then we hopped online to look for organization items that met our needs. It was there, knee deep in my prime search that I discovered M DESIGN..and y’all there were some serious sparks of joy.

M Design is an organization company that would make even Marie Kondo herself experience some serious sparks. Their products are made of durable BPA and Chlorine free shatter-resistant plastic. They are also food safe, which means you can use them to store fruits and veggies in your fridge if need be. I love that the bins are clear so you can easily see what is inside each of them at first glance. I’ll go into more detail of why I love M Design products later on. But first, here is a list of what I ordered and the links to the products so you can snag some for yourself. Scroll through the photos and spark you some joy y’all!

Why I love M Design Products

M Design’s Organization Products are versatile.

The majority of M Design’s products can be used in a dozen different ways. So I can buy a 4 pack of plastic organization bins and split up the bins between my bathroom, closet, pantry, kitchen, or laundry room. If I decide to switch things up in the future, I can easily repurpose that organization item somewhere else in my house, which to me makes these a long-term investment

M Design’s Organization Products are quality products.

As I said before, their products are BPA free, chlorine free, shatter-proof, and food safe. Which means you can literally eat off of these bad boys… I won’t, but I like knowing I can. The plastic is thick and durable and the price point is affordable.

M Design’s Organization Products are accessible.

This is my favorite part… their products are available for Amazon Prime Delivery. Which means they will get to you within 2 days, before you run out of steam on your mission to “spark joy”. I love that they are a click away, and I know if I want to buy more of a certain product I will always be able to reorder it.

I’ll continue to update y’all on how I use the products in my stories, and you can check out my adventures with organization and see how I use these products in my highlight here.

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