Bucket List Bag

When I first started my business my grandma told me “I always hated asking your grandfather for money, you make sure you set some aside so one day you can buy yourself something nice with money YOU earned”. Ever since then I’ve had my eyes set on a Louis Vuitton bag.


After a challenging year of expanding my company (lots of WTF moments, wine, and xanax y’all)... I was finally ready for my dream bag but couldn’t quite bring myself to pull the trigger. So yesterday, my sweet husband blindfolded me, took me to the LV store, and said “you’ve worked so hard, I want you to treat yourself and feel zero guilt... I’m so proud of everything you’ve done this year”. And then he took me to our favorite restaurant for margs and BBQ to celebrate.


Hearing those words of affirmation from my hubs, realizing that he knew how much I wanted to do this for myself, and getting to call my grandma and tell her about my new “I am woman hear me roar” purchase were some of the most rewarding moments of this crazy journey I started 2 years ago. Feeling SO grateful today for the loving support of my family, professional bucket lists, and that pretty little box waiting for me under the Christmas tree. 🎄🍾