Baby, it's cold outside...

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As your resident California girl living in Texas, let’s be honest, I haven’t had much need for cold weather gear in my life. But when my dreamy hubs... what?! We were going on our honeymoon! I’m absolutely allowed to call him “my dreamy hubs.” In fact, I believe it’s a law somewhere, probably... Don't look that up. I digress.

When my dreamy hubs and I decided to honeymoon in Switzerland last year, a winter wonderland awaited us and I needed the goods to keep me warm and, obviously, make me look extra fabulous. It’s been absolutely frigid here in Fort Worth this Winter and I’ve found myself using all of my cold weather goodies over and over. Investment. Payoff. Winning. Here are some of my top picks!!!

{Packable down jacket}

I purchased a Michael Kors jacket at Nordstrom Rack last year and it was a lifesaver on this trip. Warm enough for nighttime wear, but packed small enough to easily fit in my carryon! You guys, I’m talking the size of a large pair of socks. For colder days, I layered my fur vest underneath and it was the perfect way to add a ton of warmth, but not have too much bulk in the sleeves.

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{Red Head Wool Socks purchased from Bass Pro Shop}

These were BY FAR the most important item on my list. The wool socks were extra padded so I was comfortable after walking a trillion steps around the city all day. They provided enough warmth that I could wear them with my hunter boots in Switzerland, which meant I didn’t need to pack snow boots (huge space saver).

They’re inexpensive, high quality, and I loved how the grey color looked peeking out from my hunter boots. These socks are advertised as men’s, but the size chart converts to women and youth when you scroll down on the page.

Fun Fact: Johnny Morris (Bass Pro Founder) is Dylan’s first cousin twice removed. So when we walked around their store and I said “I wonder who Uncle Buck was...” Dyl responded “my grandpas brother.” Ummmm, sure. Say what, now?!

{Fleece lined leggings}

These were a game changer and I wish I would have brought an extra pair. Super warm and a high stretchy waistband (hello chocolate croissants and pasta). I wore these almost every day and for $18 a pair you really can’t beat the value.

{Button up Long sleeves}

This was my style win for the trip. I would layer a fleece Cuddl Dud, aka warmest shirt EVER, underneath and button it all the way up. Then I’d toss on a statement necklace to add some detail to the outfit. It was SO WARM Y’ALL. And I felt stylish without the bulk.

The best part about this style hack is that most of us already own some button up staples. I recommend bringing a chambray and 1-2 plaid options.

*Super saver pro tip: You can get Cuddl Dud’s for Walmart for so cheap!!!*

{The Waverly Bag by Lo & Sons}

THIS BAG! The Waverly by Lo & Sons gives you 4 bags in 1! The detachable straps allow the bag to be worn as a crossbody, belt bag, clutch, and shoulder bag. As someone who is constantly switching between camera, phone, and selfie stick (please don’t unfollow me) this bag was truly epic. 

For more details about my obsession with this brand see my Lo & Sons blog post coming soon.

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{Warm Coat}

I had been praying to the retail Gods to send me a camel wool coat, and they granted my wish a mere 5 days before my trip. This JCrew coat was on sale and was PERFECT for day and night. It was extremely warm and on the coldest days this was my go to. I also found it repelled light rain better than my puffer coat.

On days where I was eager to get out and explore, I would throw on a turtle neck, whip my hair into a messy bun, add some statement earrings, and put this coat on top to tie everything together. 

{Thigh High Boots}

YAS GURL. These were great for 3 reasons:

  1. They roll up and are a huge space saver

  2. They were my go-to on date nights as they looked a bit more polished

  3. Since they go over the knee, I could wear over the knee socks below them and my legs were really warm.

ProTravel Tip: I would recommend treating your boots for water in advance so your boots don’t take a beating.

I found mine 2 years ago at The Rack for 80% off (bless you Nordstrom), but found a similar style on their site tagged above.

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{Fur Vest}

This was the PERFECT accessory to add warmth without bulk. It’s great to layer over a sweater or under a puffer vest. It takes up minimal space in your luggage and adds a stylish element to simple staple pieces. Whether you go real or faux is up to you, but I’ve found some great options for both on Nordstrom Rack and even Kohl’s. 

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{Turtleneck Sweater}

Y’all it was COLD and WINDY, and I found that multiple scarves took up more space than I could afford as a member of the carry on club. Turtlenecks kept me warm and also allowed me to layer my Cuddle Dud underneath if it was a particularly chilly day.

These pieces were absolutely essential to me being comfortable, warm, and looking good on our cold weather vacate.  I hope this post helps you pack smarter and vacation easier!!