Florence Food Guide

I don’t know about you, but the real reason I travel is for the food… Not sure if I’m supposed to admit that, but come on!!! Experiencing the flavors of another country, the spices, the love, can be life changing, and Florence was no different. Here are my top Florence dining picks!

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La Cappelle Medicee

This spot offers beautiful views overlooking the Cappella Medicee, aka the cathedral and tombs of the famed Medici family. The food is simple, fresh, and delicious. They send out complimentary Coccoli, a fry bread that’s crispy on the outside, soft on the inside… Basically, you want to live in a pile of it. SO. GOOD. See ya later Ketosis.


Florence is located in the Tuscan region aka Wine Country!! So don’t scoff at the house wine, La Cappella Medicee’s was delicious!! A mix of 40% Sangiovese and 60% cab, so tasty and at 5 euros a glass it is a killer deal.

Fave Menu Items:

  • prosciutto and burrata

  • ravioli with mushrooms [a traditional tuscan dish]

  • boar ragu with tagliatelle


Cafe Rivoire

This cafe overlooks the entire Piazza Della Signoria and serves breakfast though dinner. The penne and pesto pasta were both excellent and the real MVP was the espresso topped with whipped cream and biscuit crumbles. It was unreal.

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Ristorante Pizzeria Ginori

The perfect spot to grab a bite to eat after visiting Academia. This was one of the best pizza formaggios I’ve ever eaten. The truffle ravioli was also delish!!

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