Cinque Terre Travel Guide

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Primo Piatto: Great spot for takeaway pasta centrally located on the main road! We got 3 orders of takeaway pasta for 21€, super affordable.

Dau Cila: Located by the Riomaggiore harbor and has the most beautiful views! Reservations are definitely recommended and if you want an ocean view you will pick from 7pm or 9pm.

A Pie de Ma: This restaurant and wine bar is located by the train station overlooking the water. They have great local wines and small plates in a casual atmostphere.

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Baia Saracena: Located directly in the center of the marina, the prosciutto pizza and caprese salad were amazing.

Pirate Bar: This famous dessert bar is located past the train station away from the coast... but did someone say dessert!?


Transportation between villages: You can take a private taxi or ferry, but the fastest and easiest way is to take the train! The train is located in the center of each village and hugs the coastline.

  • If you are a hiker there are trails that go along the coast, but they are long walks.

  • You can buy tickets for specific legs (typically 4euros each way) or you can buy a 3 day unlimited ticket for 41euros.

  • KEEP YOUR TICKET and validate it in the little green machines before you take the train. If you travel without a ticket you can get a 50€ fine.

For tickets download the train Italian app or buy at the ticket office. You can find more info HERE

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