The Best Hair Colorist in Fort Worth

So if you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I LOVE my Fort Worth hairstylist aka, my hair shaman, Daniel. He is a magician of epic proportions and with his help my hair looks better and somehow I go into the the salon less than I did before. It's voodoo, voodoo I tell you!! Daniel was kind enough to do a little interview for all of us to get inside his head a bit and understand the genius.  

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So let’s talk hair, how did you get into the profession? 

I was a shy kid when I was younger, so I thought I would try waiting tables to get me out of my bubble. I loved conversing and making people happy, but hated smelling like food and grease. So come college time, I gravitated more to style and fashion. I had some friends that were in hair school and it felt like home there. So with the help of my beautiful wife, we ended up going to school together, it made it a lot easier and more fun.

Hair is such a personal thing, do you take that into account when cutting/coloring someone’s locks? 

Of course, it’s the accessory you never take off. A new hairstyle can change the world, or burn it down, so you have to do it right. I think the hardest thing is to take the idea in a guest's head, take their hair, and merge it into an easy and realistic style. If they can’t really recreate what you do in the salon to wear it day to day, then all you have is a good one day style. That's why I try and educate people in the process, making it the best hairstyle for them and so they get the most out of their cut. 

Being a hair stylist is a serious art form, where do you find your inspiration?

For me, it’s definitely social media. We can follow our heroes closely on a day to day basis and see what they do and how they do it. @domdomhair and @justinandersoncolor educate and post on the regular about what are doing out in the fashion areas. I love to do natural hair and there are a million ways to go about that. But I can look at what they are doing and understand why, so the next lucky and unsuspecting guest of mine has no idea I’m trying something new! It’s fun! It’s keeps me from falling into a slump of what I’m doing, while staying in the latest trends.

Let’s stir things up. What’s the biggest mistake you see people making with their hair?! 

I have 2 pet peeves when it comes to my guest and their hair. 

1- Pinterest posts are a great inspiration, but there is a lot of bad info out there that is totally unfiltered. They will be a pin that says “don’t dry or heat style your hair.” Heat can be bad if it’s too overpowering, but correctly use can seal the hair and take care of their texture. Just because it works for one person, doesn’t mean it can work for your hair. Hair texture is just as unique as a the person is. 

2-The idea that everyone needs to be in the salon 4-6 weeks. Unless your covering gray hair, a good natural highlight should last 3-4 months. People’s time and money is so valuable, so having to come in to the salon often can be too excessive on the hair and the pocketbook. I love my guests, but if I see them on a monthly basis for highlights, I’m not doing my job right.

Rapid Fire  

Cut or color? I do both, but my true love is color.

Favorite hair product. Sachajuan Leave-In Conditioner

Favorite trend. Natural Highlights for sure!!!!

Least favorite trend. The Chunky, Contrasty, Stripey, HORRIFYING highlights.

Favorite celebrity hair. I hate to admit it, but Jenifer Lawrence can pull of hair color levels 1-10 with it looking good.

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He's so good y'all!! If you are in need of a Fort Worth hairstylist then look no further. Be sure to check out his INSTAGRAM or the Charlie + Co Website for more info! Ready to book an appointment? You can reach the Fort Worth salon at 817.585.1006. Now, don’t feel left out Dallas friends, Daniel works out of the Dallas location once a month!!! Happy Styling!