Eterno 4 Life

What is the Eterno?

The Eterno Red LED Light Device sets itself apart with medical grade results thanks to a unique tapered-glass head to boost collagen and NASA’s regenerative LED technology to remove unwanted spots, lines and pigment from your face (seriously, this is the same tech that NASA uses to grow plants in space!). At $299, it’s also one of the most affordable at-home devices on the market. 

What does it do?

Eterno is all about limitless, ageless beauty. The scientists behind today’s most advanced devices wanted to engineer a new product that puts the power back in your hands – creating a customizable experience that can be paired with or without your favorite skincare to deliver out-of-this-world glowing skin (pun intended). 

Benefits of LED red light therapy:

  • Eliminating fine lines & wrinkles

  • Lightening scars

  • Minimizing pores + improving overall skin texture

  • Removing sun spots

  • Reducing the appearance of rosacea

Eterno Product Details: 

Eterno is a collagen-boosting red LED light therapy device, is FDA approved and designed to boost all sorts of healthy skin behaviors in as little as a few weeks. The device’s process allows you to heal skin from the inside out, allowing oxygen to flow more easily ultimately providing a ton of awesome benefits. Eterno’s light is the same technology NASA uses to grow nutritious plants in space – AKA, a healthy, skin-regenerating revolution. Made for all skin types, colors, genders and ages, to be used with or without creams and serums, Eterno delivers doctors’ office results for all, in the palm of your hand. And at $299, it’s one of the most affordable at-home devices on the market.