Bartaco has a secret and I’m spilling the beans

Let’s talk tacos and tequila. Bartaco is a relatively new restaurant here in Fort Worth that combines fresh, upscale street tacos, bowls, and small plates with a coastal interior vibe, and take it from me- it’s the freakin’ bomb y’all! The rustic beach design, complete with white-washed interior, nautical blue striped upholstery, woven basket fixtures, expansive bar and patio, creates the ideal environment to relax and indulge in delicious family-style food and fresh squeezed cocktails. 

Bartaco Fort Worth is located right on the Trinity River in the Westbend shopping center and it could not be more picturesque. We lucked out, weather-wise, and got to sit on the patio and enjoy the gorgeous view of the Trinity River, the warm sunshine, and the hum of bikers as they passed by on the trails. We sat on the spacious patio, under rows of twinkle lights, and admired the all-around cozy atmosphere that is BarTaco.


Last week, they invited me and my team to preview their newest Secret Taco and “Margarita March” drink of the week. That’s right, turns out not only does Bartaco have an amazing set menu with a long list of tasty tacos but they also have a secret, not-on-the-menu, option. They change the secret taco every month so it’s kind of like a game for me now… I am determined to try them all. In addition, they are going all out for “Margarita March” featuring a new specialty margarita every week throughout the month.

First things first, tequila. The margarita of the week was called an Ernesto en Jalisco. Refreshing yet tart and packed with a ton of flavor. It’s made with Bartaco’s own label Libelula tequila, Luxardo maraschino, liber grapefruit cordial shaken up with fresh squeezed lime juice and garnished with a slice of ruby red grapefruit. My only mistake was not taking an Uber so that I could keep ordering these bad boys. Fun fact: Bartaco’s tequila label, the aforementioned Libelula, is a special blend of blanco and reposado and made with 100% agave. It’s smooth and dangerously drinkable. Like I said, Uber y’all.


The Spread

We started off with guacamole + roja + verde served with a stack of large tostada-style chips. From there we moved on to the street corn fritters, served with elote mayo, and spicy cucumber salad before landing on my personal favorite appetizer, the tuna poke. Being a California native, I’m a tough critic when it comes to poke, but Bartaco hit the nail on the head with this recipe. Raw tuna, green + white onions, poke dressing, avocado, sesame seeds, and fried ginger. Yum!

The secret taco was an oyster taco. Sounds strange right? I was honestly super nervous to try this but it was seriously delicious! Lightly battered and fried to perfection! But we didn’t stop there… enter; Baja fish, chicken pastor, cauliflower, glazed pork belly, and carne asada tacos. You basically had to roll us out of there, but it was so worth it! All were flavored to perfection with just the right additions and sauces to make each taco unforgettable.


The Sweet Stuff

Now that brings us to dessert. Oh, you thought I was done? Listen, no matter how full you are you absolutely CAN NOT leave BarTaco without having an order of churros. Fried dough dusted with cinnamon + sugar and served warm with a bowl of melted chocolate for dunking? Check please! They are life changing, that’s all there is to it.


The Skinny on Bartaco Fort Worth

Let’s sum things up. Great food, amazing drinks, perfect location, chill atmosphere, and THE nicest staff are just a few of the reasons I love Bartaco. If you haven’t been yet, please check it out. They have a new location that just opened in Dallas, so if you aren’t located in Cowtown, you’ve got options! The location at WestBend has a large lot with free parking and lots of fun stores to walk through after you’ve had a margarita or 3. Check out the upcoming drink lineup below and I hope y’all love it as much as I do!

Margarita March Line-Up

3/8-3/14: Purple Haze

Tequila, Mezcal, luxardo morlacco, basil blossom sprigs, lime juice, and basil blossom sprigs for garnish.

3/15-3/21: Green Goddess

Tequila, triple sec, avocado, agave, lime juice, pistachio salt rimmed glass

3/22-3/31: La Rosita

Tequila, cappelletti, rosé, moscato, agave simple, lemon juice, strawberry slices for garnish.

Current Bartaco Secret

Fried Avocado

Locations in DFW

Fort Worth

1701 River Run

Ste 183

Fort Worth, TX 76107


6130 Luther Ln.

Dallas, TX 7522