Best Tacos in Fort Worth

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As a California native, I grew up eating tacos. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner - any time is taco time, right? So, naturally, when my husband Dylan and I relocated to Texas in 2017, I immediately set out on a quest to find the Best Taco Places in Fort Worth. It didn’t take me long to learn that Texans are passionate about their Mexican food, tacos to be exact…they don’t mess around y’all! As I embarked on my taco taste testing throughout Fort Worth, nothing was off limits. From hole-in-the-wall taquerias to high-end Mexican restaurants; I left no taco joint behind. Whether you’re in to classic, simple, and traditional or daring, adventurous, and diverse; we’ve got a spot for you. So keep reading to find out the 5 absolute Best Taco Places in Fort Worth.

Velvet Taco; for the adventurous taco connoisseur. This place does not serve your average taco. Every item on the menu is carefully crafted like a work of art and the combination of flavors is unsurpassed. I mean where else can you find a Tikka Masala Chicken Taco? A Falafel Taco? A SHRIMP AND GRITS TACO Y’ALL? No where. This place is one-of-a-kind and if you’re willing to try new flavors then you absolutely have to give this place a shot. Oh, and did I mention they are open late (4AM on the weekends) and have a walk-up order window on the side? Like I said, this place is something else. 

Torchy’s Taco; a taco for every appetite. I am the first to admit that when it comes to chain restaurants, I can be a bit skeptical. If you follow my blog then you I know love eating local and shopping small. But there is something to be said for Torchy’s, whose OG location started as a food trailer in Austin, TX back in 2006. No matter how many locations pop up across the country (Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma) they never sacrifice flavor or service and for that- it will always be one of my favorites. Pro Tip: whatever you order, make it “trashy.” In Torchy’s-language that means hold the lettuce and add Green Chili Queso instead. You can thank me later. One thing is for sure, they live up to their slogan and I can proudly say Torchy’s is “Damn Good.”

Source: @ taco.heads

Source: @taco.heads

Taco Heads; need I say more? What began as a food truck in 2008 has since morphed in to every Funky Town natives go-to taco spot. They call their cult following of taco lovers, appropriately, “Taco Heads.” Between their Breakfast Tacos, Signature Tacos, or Traditional Tacos; there isn’t a bad thing on the menu. And don’t even get me started on their superb craft cocktails and 5 varieties of margaritas. If being a Taco Head is a sickness then I’ve got the fever y’all. Pro tip: On a nice day in Cowtown, good luck finding a seat on their expansive patio, so go early! Oh and take an uber, because yeah- the drinks are that good.

Source:  Salsa Limón

Source: Salsa Limón

Salsa Limon; unapologetically Mexico-city style tacos. I’ll be honest, I originally wanted to try this place because I thought it looked cute. I mean, have you seen their locations, signs, and branding?! As the owner of a Creative Studio, one look at their sign on White Settlement and I was sold! Then I bit in to the honey pepper-mustard pollo taco and that was it- I was ready to buy real estate next door. No but really, between the fun ambiance, delicious tacos, and bomb (big ass) margaritas…Salsa Limon is at the top of my taco list.

Source:  Melis Taqueria

Melis Taqueria; a secret gem. Ok this place is legit. It might look like a hole in the wall but if you’re looking for real, authentic, made to order tacos- this is it. There are no frills, there is no ambiance. Just a walk-up order window and a few picnic tables. But to all my fellow taco junkies, this place is an absolute must. As new restaurants pop up all over Fort Worth, Melis Taqueria not only holds its own, it still stands out! And where else can you find $2 tacos? Pro Tip: it’s cash only and also the green sauce is spicy AF. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

And there ya have it y’all! I hope you, too, take a taco trip through Cowtown and if you do- I want to hear about it! Follow me on instagram at @sipdinedesign and tag me at all your favorite taco spots around town. I may be biased to these five, but I am always down to try something new! Here’s to the taco lovers. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.