We're Jetting Off to The Future with Google's Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat by Google Product Review

After beginning our partnership with Google’s Nest several months ago, we can’t say enough good things about their thermostat. The company’s focus is on user-friendly home to human connection, and It’s making our most far-fetched dreams come true (Disney’s Smart House anyone?). I mean pigs- and cars- might as well be flying. Here’s everything we’ve learned and everything we love about the Nest thermostat.

We Can Go on Vacation Without Paying For Air Conditioning

As most of y’all probably know, my husband and I travel A LOT. I can’t complain- our adventures are truly incredible- but between Dylan being a pilot and me doing travel blogging, maintaining our home can be tough! I can’t count the amount of times we’ve had to call a friend on our way back from a two-week trip to ask them to run over to our house and crank down the thermostat in the middle of a scorching Texas summer.

Shout out to our friends because they’d do it a hundred more times- but now we don’t even have to ask. Since the Nest thermostat can be controlled through the app, you can save on the air conditioning bill when you’re away, turn down the temperature as soon as you get to baggage claim, and walk through your front door into a cooled oasis, debt-free. How’s that for budget-friendly travel?

Nest Thermostat by Google Product Review

We Can Control The Temperature From Bed

Another huge benefit of being able to control the thermostat with your phone? You don’t have to leave your bed. Y’all, I am definitely one of those people that thinks sleeping in a freezing cold room is super cozy, but then I’m paralyzed by the frigid morning air when my alarm tells me it’s time to get up. With the Nest thermostat, I can have my cake and eat it to. Go to sleep cozy, use my phone to turn up the heat, get out of bed minutes later to a Lo-friendly, temperature-controlled room. Nest, you’re too good to me.

The Thermostat Listens To Us

How, you might ask? During the first couple of days that it’s installed, you can change it to reflect your ideal temperature zone. The Nest thermostat records the temperature outside as well as the temperature inside, and it saves it in its memory. That way, the next time that it’s 80 degrees outside, your thermostat already knows you’d like it to be 71 degrees inside. Husbands, take notes.

Nest Thermostat by Google Product Review

 We Can Connect The Nest Thermostat to the Rest of Our House, Too

Dylan and I loved the Nest thermostat so much, we went and bought Google’s other products to go with it. They have a full line of other smart devices- indoor cameras, outdoors cameras, doorbells, alarms, etc. But our other all-time favorite is the smart lock. Not only do we not have to ask our friends to change the thermostat, but now we don’t even have to leave them a spare key. We can tell Nest to send them a code that only works when we want it to. So that they can come water our plants of course. But who’s to say that a smart plant waterer isn’t next? Nest, here’s lookin’ at you.

Want to teach your house to be smarter? You can purchase a Google Nest thermostat and many other Nest products online here!