11 images that will have you booking a Pensacola Vacation today!

Nothing says "ideal vacation spot" like sun soaked strips of sand, colorful beach chairs, and crystal blue waters. All major selling points for those of us who are beach bums at heart- but don’t be fooled. Pensacola isn’t just a wasteland of sun, sand and sea. Whenever we go to visit, we are struck by the amount of fun, and festive opportunities there are to enjoy life at the beach. Shopping the unique boutiques, eating the freshest seafood, and strolling the idyllic streets are all part of the Pensacola experience. Whether you’re seeking an adventurous vacation, a relaxation weekend getaway, or the perfect new spot to call home, Pensacola has it all. Sit back, take in the views, and let these photos transport you to Pensacola paradise. There’s nothing better.

Pensacola, we love you. And we’re dreaming of the day we get to see you again. Until then, we’ll just be here reminiscing on paradise and raving about you to all of our friends.

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