CoolSculpting Experts Q&A

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So after posting about my experience with CoolSculpting at OrangeTwist, you all had some questions. Naturally. And instead of me trying to explain in my not-so-professional terms, I decided to go straight to the experts at OrangeTwist. And they have delivered! So without further adieu, check out the answers to your burning CoolSculpting questions!!

How long will the results last? 

CoolSculpting results are permanent, yes permanent! Once you treat an areas, a percentage of the fat cells are naturally eliminated forever. Even if you gain weight, the fat cells cannot possible regrow. Thus permanently contouring/shaping the body indefinetly. 

Are there any in California? 

We have 11 locations across California: Santa Clara, Westlake Village, El Segundo, Calabasas, Brentwood, Brea, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Newport Coast and San Juan Capistrano.

Can I drink during the procedure? 

You can eat and/or drink before, during and after the treatment. There are no restrictions. 

Will it leave a mark or bruising?!?

Bruising is not typically but there is a slight suction with the application that could possible leave a ‘hicky’ mark that may take a few days to dissipate. Nothing more. 

How long does a session typically take? 

Depending up on how many bulges we are treating, it can take anywhere from 35 min to two hours on average. OrangeTwist has multiple devices and applicators so we typically can get you on your way quickly. 

When can I expect to see results? 

Results can start to show in as early as 2-3 weeks with full results showing at 12-16 weeks.

Can you do it on any area?

As long as there is a pinch-able bulge, yes we can typically treat the area. Most common areas are the neck, arms, abdomen, back and thighs. 

Is it safe while nursing? 

As there has been no research studies on Coolsculpting while pregnant or nursing, we refrain from performing treatment until safe to do so. 

Can you workout afterwards? 

Yes, you can immediately return to all your normal activities, including exercising. 

How many sessions do you need to have before you see results? [*our most popular question]

Results are cumulative, meaning each time you do Coolsculpting in an area, you will get a reduction in the area. For best results, we recommend anywhere from 1-3 sessions in each area.

A big thanks to OrangeTwist for answering all your questions!! So tell me, are you ready to make an appointment!?