Sip Dine Design's Guide to Stonehenge

Stonehenge day trip.jpg

Stonehenge is one of the wonders of the world, and it’s a wonder that it’s taken me this long to see it! This attraction is more than just a circle of old rocks... it’s full of history, and artifacts, and some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever witnessed. Whether you do the full tour or just drive on by, Stonehenge is definitely worth a stop the next time you find yourself in England.

We went on a separate day from when we toured Highclere Castle, but you could do both in one day if you were pressed for time. In order to see Stonehenge, you either need to rent a car or sign up for a tour; this isn’t one of those things you can just stumble upon as you’re bumming through a new town. 

Stonehenge day trip.jpg

You can choose the “express Stonehenge experience” or the leisurely one; there’s a shuttle that runs from the visitor’s center to the stones every 5 minutes- hop on it and you’ll be looking at some giant rocks before you know it. OR take the 1 mile scenic walk and get your steps in for the day.

Stonehenge has more to offer than just the stones! There’s an entire exhibit to explore, including replicas of Neolithic houses and over 250 archeological objects that have been discovered in the landscape. The exhibit comes with an audio guide, so you can browse and learn at your own pace.

stonehenge day trip.jpg

In addition to the stones, visitor’s center and exhibits, Stonehenge showcases a really nice cafe (with air-conditioning- bonus!). Try one of their famous rock cakes, or organic ice cream, or enjoy a beer from the Stonehenge Brewery! The bathrooms adjacent to the cafe are also really clean and air-conditioned (a rarity for a lot of tourist attractions), so I was very appreciative. A lot of people were having picnics on the lawn while we were there, so that’s another good option (especially for families) if you don’t want to buy food in the cafe.

While we definitely encourage taking on the full Stonehenge experience, I know firsthand what it’s like to try to fit too many things in to a short trip, so if you can’t spend some time here you can always drive down highway A303 and view the stones out your car window.

Stonehenge is open 363 days a year (closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day). It’s preferable to purchase tickets in advance, but you can buy walk-up tickets at a somewhat elevated cost. Check out their website for all the pricing and booking information you need to plan your visit.

It may be a different set of stones in the wrong country, but I figured it was worth a shot to put my hands up and hope that Jamie would appear on the other side. He did not. Good thing Dylan really likes me.