How Benjamin Moore paint changed our home...

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Homeownership is akin to meeting the man of your dreams. You’re completely in love, and yet you still have an undeniable urge to change absolutely everything. Well, maybe not everything... just the paint, and a few other things (like the snoring, sorry Dit). 

The great thing about paint is that it has to ability to transform a space without a ton of work (or a huge budget). You get the maximum wow factor with the minimal effort factor. Paint can give your home a complete facelift within hours. So, much to Dylan’s delight, I decided that’s how we should start transforming our new home in Fort Worth. 

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“If you want to do it right, use Benjamin Moore.”

“If you want to do it right, use Benjamin Moore”. That’s a direct quote from my sweet uncle, who just happens to be a luxury home contractor. So naturally I trusted his sage advice, bribed Dylan into the car with promises of whiskey, and headed to our local Benjamin Moore store. Y’all, the retail space is the ultimate experience. I never knew how many options you have when it comes to paint. Benjamin Moore currently has about six different paint bases and an almost endless array of colors. Inspiration was everywhere. Since we had plans of painting almost every surface of our new place, we needed a little advice. The Benjamin Moore in-store team quickly became invested in our vision and treated our project like it was their own. And after a few hours and a few more promises to to take Dylan to a bar in the near future, we walked out with a solid game plan. 

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“The Plan”

Walls: Classic Grey (Eggshell)

This was our biggest project- it required seven gallons of paint, but my holy transformation. The slight warm grey tones give the house a new life. 

Wall Trim: Chantilly Lace (Satin finish)

We used about 3 gallons to make sure the walls had a clean and crisp finish. 

Home Office: Chantilly Lace

Since we do a lot of photography in house this was the perfect choice - a beautiful pure white. We only need 1 gallon in this space.

Dining Room & Bedroom: Gentleman's Gray

The perfect pop of color and background color to compliment all the whiskey I promised Dylan. 2 gallons of paint were the perfect amount to cover the walls in both of these rooms.

Kitchen Island: Hamilton Blue (Satin finish)

This completely changed the vibe of our kitchen. It’s the perfect addition and pop of color for our most lived-in room. We used one gallon of paint, and we opted to spray it on to achieve the finish we were looking for.

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Paint like none other

Benjamin Moore’s slogan does not lie. It’s seriously paint like nothing else we have ever used. The paint covered amazingly well, and it was a breeze to apply. We chose to roll the larger spaces, like the walls, but used a brush to paint the trim. These techniques worked perfectly and there’s no residual brush strokes. We constantly get compliments on how our home looks fresher, cleaner, and more refined. My uncle was right- “if you want to do it right, use Benjamin Moore.”

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Benjamin moore hamilton blue

Painting doesn’t have to be a chore. Combine the right music with the right amount of whiskey, add in your hubby and/or a great group of friends, and painting can actually result in a weekend of amazing memories.  

I highly recommend pairing painting with TX Whiskey- your house will thank you, and so will your friends. Mix up this fun cocktail, throw on Taylor Swift’s new album and get started making your house a home!

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