7 Reasons to Shop Apt2B

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As many of you know, Dylan and I recently moved into a new home here in Cowtown, so naturally I’ve been on the hunt for some new decor. Enter Apt2B: a super chic yet simple small business where you can purchase incredibly stylish furniture and home decor without having to take out a 2nd mortgage on your house. I scored this dining table, and with it’s gorgeous brass desings it truly elevates the look of my kitchen, yet it’s sturdy and functional enough that I don’t have to yell at Dit every time he puts a drink on it with no coaster. There are endless possibilities for chairs to match it, and it’s unique while still keeping with the boho feel of the rest of my decor. In case you can’t tell, I’m hooked on Apt2B, and after you check out their website I’m willing to bet you will be too.

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The 411 on Apt2B

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Apt2B was born out of LA when 2 east coast guys got together, threw in some “west coast flavor”, and a new style of furniture was born. Co-founders Alex Back and Matt Herman believe “simplicity is sexy and everyone has rent to pay”, and so the goal for their company is for everyone to have access to stylish decor without having to break the bank. They believe you “can’t buy taste, but you can still have style”, and you should always “rock the boat but wear a life jacket”. I think the latter sentiment is the perfect description for their style: it’s unique enough that you won’t see pieces like there’s just anywhere, and yet their products will still fit with the current style of your home. Take a risk and “rock the boat” by buying a pink sofa (it’s NOT called a couch, according to Alex and Matt) but take comfort in knowing their innate designs will guarantee your sofa looks like something from Vogue and not the Pink Panther.

If this isn’t enough to sway you, here are 7 more reasons you need to be shopping at Apt2B:

1. You can order custom made sofas.

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That’s right, you read that correctly...custom-made. That means that your sofa will fit (literally and figuratively) in your house no matter the size of your space or style of decor. From leather to urban-sofa beds, they have a style for everyone. Each of their pieces is custom-made, but don’t sweat it if you need a sofa now; you can get a custom-made sofa delivered to your door in 3-5 days, and your last minute guests won’t have to sleep on the floor.

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They have a huge selection of fabric colors, and you can get up to 10 sample swatches sent to your house for free to compare with your existing decor. They boast that their fabrics are “kid, pet, and spill-friendly” so you don’t have to worry about anything ruining your new sofa. They also have different options for leg finishes to ensure your new sofa compliments your other furniture.

2. You can see real #customerpics on their website.

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There’s nothing more frustrating than getting super excited about a new piece of furniture, only to find out that it doesn’t look the same in your house as it does in the immaculately-designed room on the company website. Apt2B combats this issue by showcasing #customerpics on their homepage; you can scroll through the gallery and see how their furniture looks in real people’s houses that you know weren’t styled by a professional (though some of them look like they were!) This can also be a great source of inspiration if you’re stuck in a decorating rut.

3. They offer a good mix of both staple pieces and statement pieces.

Everyone loves a good statement piece, but a house won’t work on statements alone; at some point you need a functional piece to sit on, or eat at, and it has to still blend with your more unique finds. Apt2B has a great selection of both kinds of pieces, from functional storage pieces like these gorgeous media stands to statement pieces like this stunning bluebird wall sculpture that’s sure to be a talking point for guests.

4. They have great reviews.

A business is only as good as their reviews, right? So luckily for Apt2B, their reviews are GREAT! Seems like more people than just me have fallen in love with their stuff. Check out their reviews page for recommendations and more customer photos.

5. They offer financing.

While their goal is to provide affordable, stylish furniture to everyone, not everyone is always able to buy new pieces outright. Apt2B understands this, and so they offer financing up to 36 months on most of their products. This makes almost everything affordable, and it’s an easy way to start building up the quality of the furniture in your home.

6. There’s an Apt2B outlet!

Who doesn’t love a good outlet? Especially one you can shop at online! Check out the link to their outlet and see the huge variety of pieces they have listed for even lower prices. From chairs to coffee tables to planters, you’re bound to score some great finds at even better prices.

7. The quality of their delivery service is exceptional.

No one wants to buy a new piece of furniture only to have it scratched or broken upon delivery; Apt2B offers “white glove” delivery service. When my table arrived I didn’t have to assemble anything, which is great if you’re married to someone who travels often and you can’t tell the difference between a screwdriver and a hammer. The delivery people put the table together for me and ensured it was in optimal shape. They were extremely professional and I loved them.

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So there you have it- 7 reasons you need to be on the Apt2B website adding items to your cart right now! Not sure you can afford it? Check out their outlet! Not sure how to style a new piece? Look at their #customerpics! (And don’t forget to # your own pics after you make a purchase!) What do you love most about Apt2B? Comment below!