Star Spangled Hammered Giveaway




Congrats to the below winners on their CASE of canned wine from Butternut Wines. (winners will receive their gift card via email)

Lauren B, Kara S, Lauren P, Ariel K, Whitney G, Heather S, Hannah C, Julie K, Cristi W, and Kenny F. 

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America's birthday is fast approaching and I'm celebrating with my friends Butternut Wines & Women Who Love Wine by giving away A CASE of canned wine to TEN lucky winners.


To Enter:

1. Follow @womenwholovewine, @butternutwines, and @sipdinedesign on Instagram. 

2. Enter your email below. 


So throw your email into the box below, and send a prayer up to baby Jesus.... because we're gonna be stockin' coolers like it's 1776!

Also,  Please do not be an idiot and drink responsibly. 

Also,  Please do not be an idiot and drink responsibly. 

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