The Emblem Hotel

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The website of the Emblem Hotel Prague states that they want to be both “a home for travellers and a haven for locals”, “dedicated to creating a community in the heart of the city [of Prague].” They’ve designed their hotel to be a place where people can gather, discover and discuss, which is essentially the definition of what a community does. The location is located perfectly close to Old Town, so whether you come to the Emblem to relax, eat, or make some new friends, you’re bound to feel at home.

Art-Deco inspiration

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In addition to being designed to represent that community feel, the hotel was also inspired by the Art Deco movement. Their decor features designers from all over the world, as well as art from a variety of local artists. They even offer Art Walks designed to fit in with your schedule. Curators will take you to galleries all over the city and explain the art scene in depth so you’re able to see the most important pieces without having to worry about the planning. It doesn’t get much easier than that! 


Their rooms are both luxious yet updated; they’re designed to be like the bedrooms in a house- small yet cozy. But the Emblem understands that sometimes guests need space to spread out and relax, and so they designed their M Lounge to act like the living room of the hotel. Guests can choose to enjoy the complimentary bathrobes and slippers provided in each room while sipping a drink from the Nespresso machine, OR they can choose to relax in the M lounge with it’s intricate layout of rooms.

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The M Lounge

The M Lounge isn’t actually one space; it’s made up of 5 different spaces: The Salon, The Drawing Room, The Pantry, The Games Room, and The Fumoir. And while it sounds like something out of the game Clue, it’s not far off- you’re bound to find something fun and unexpected in each location! The Emblem puts on a series of events in the lounge each month, from art talks to themed drink nights. Check out their list of upcoming events here. Additionally, the M lounge offers a happy hour every single day that features wine and snacks: the perfect way to unwind after a day of travel.


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Patrons of the Emblem are in for a treat if they visit the in-house restaurant, George Prime Steak. Designed to be similar to an American steakhouse, the menu boasts both steaks and seafood as well as a huge selection of handcrafted cocktails and wines from California. Dylan and I have both eaten in our fair share of excellent steakhouses back in the states, and it’s safe to say George Prime Steak can hang with the best of them.


In addition to relaxing in the lounge and dining on steak, I had the chance to peek at the M Spa, and wow. It’s located on the top floor of the hotel and contains a fitness center, relaxation room, sauna and steam room, and a rooftop terrace and jacuzzi. You can reserve the jacuzzi ahead of time, and the view of the Prague castle from the spa is unparalleled. Picture yourself relaxing in the jacuzzi with a glass of bubbly, the city of Prague at your feet. Not a bad way to spend a vacation. 

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If you’re planning a trip to Prague, the Emblem hotel is a must. And even if you choose to stay somewhere else, make it a point to visit the M Lounge, participate in one of their monthly events, have a drink on the roof or dine on exceptional cuisine at George Prime Steak. I promise, you won’t regret it! (and you might even learn something.)

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