Small Business Diaries | Finding Focus

R E A L  T A L K...

When I was younger my momma took me to a learning specialist who told her “your daughter is very bright but can’t focus, so she’ll never reach her full potential” 😑.

Jerbear (God Bless her) decided that he was wrong, and never told me what he said. Instead, her and my dad focused on developing my work ethic and showing me what I COULD do if I applied myself.

So at 14 they had me get my first part-time job, made me work through high school, all through college, and forced me to buss tables after college while I job hunted because their philosophy was “we’ll put a roof over your head and you’ll figure out the rest”.


When I told my parents I wanted to go back to school for Graphic Design. They told me I needed to show them why I was a good investment. So I literally presented a PowerPoint with statistics and case studies on why a Graphic Design degree would increase my chances of a more lucrative career in the future. And then by the grace of God they approved my “funding proposal”.

Jerbear didn’t tell me what that specialist said until I had 20 more years, 2 degrees, and my own LLC under my belt.


Every day I thank my lucky stars I have parents who recognized my God given skills but also believed that even though focus wasn’t something I inherited, it was a skill that could be developed.

Also, don’t ever tell a mama her child can’t do something, cause hot damn... she will prove your ass wrong. #jerbeardontcare