Rome City Guide For Couples


We are currently wandering around Rome as researching the best ways for couples to make the most of this magical city AS YOU READ THIS… During our adventures I’ll fill this post with all of my tips on how to make the most of Rome. If you have any recommendations PLEASE DM me at @sipdinedesign! #ittakesavillage

For now… you can follow our trip live on @sipdinedesign


We we’re lucky enough to be staying at Palazzo Naiadi The Dedica Anthology, a 19th century palace turned 5 star hotel in the heart of Rome. Be sure to check back for a full blog post on why this is the BEST hotel in Rome.



With goals to squeeze as many sights into our 3 days in Rome as possible, we made a complete list of our must-see places.

  1. Colosseum Tour | Roman Forum | Palatine Hill: We booked the guided express tour with city Wonder Tours. This 1.5 hour tour is an exclusive all-inclusive tour that allows you to “skip the line” and includes access to off-limits like the arena floor, underground, & gladiator’s entrance. After the tour in the Colosseum, you have the option of continuing to the Roman Forum for “skip the line” access to the site. Once inside, you will also be able to hike to the top of the Palatine Hill for an exceptional bird’s-eye view of the Circus Maximus. The tour was $63 per person (incl taxes) and I would recommend booking at least 7 days in advance to get the time slot you want. You can find booking info HERE.

  2. Vatican Tour | St. Peter’s Basilica | Sistine Chapel: When touring the Vatican a “skip the line” tour is a MUST. We booked the Skip the Line: Vatican Museum St Peter's Basilica and Sistine Chapel Tour thru Trip Advisor. It was quick and easy to book and only cost $59 per person (incl taxes) for a guided tour.

  3. Pantheon: No tour required, located in the beautiful Piazza della Rotonda, it’s a great place to stop for lunch or dinner overlooking one of Rome’s most famous landmarks.

  4. Trevi Fountain: No tour required. We met some friends on the train (Hi David & Sharbear!) that had visited Rome a few days earlier and recommend grabbing a drink at the Rooftop Bar at Relais Fontana di Trevi. You can actually watch them drain the fountain at the end of the night.

  5. Spanish Steps: still researching this one… DM me at @sipdinedesign if you have any recommendations.

  6. Piazza Navona: I LOVE this Piazza. It’s such a great place to relax, take in the views, and catch a quick drink or enjoy for a long meal at one of the cafes lining the street.