Like A Glove

I love trying on jeans... said no one ever... You can picture it now, you’re in a poorly lit dressing room full of denim brands in dozens of sizes because, of course, no two brands are sized the same, feeling overwhelmed... Well, what if I told you those days could be over!?!? Yes, I know. This past winter I discovered Like A Glove smart leggings, these ingenious leggings actually measure your body, help your track your fitness journey, and (here’s the real kicker) provide you with a list of denim brands that work best with your exact measurements.


What I love about the shorts:

[Easy] Measuring process is easy and simple: It takes me about 1-2 minutes to get my measurements in the shorts, so it’s a quick way to track my progress.

[Accountability] I am ALWAYS on the go, from client trips to travel features. It can be really hard to “eat clean” when you’re in and out of restaurants on a regular basis. These shorts help me keep tabs on how much I’ve indulged and when it’s time to get on the straight and narrow.

[Packability] They roll up to the size of a pair of socks, so I can even take them with me on the road to track my progress.


[Shopping] As mentioned, I HATE shopping for jeans and, in all honesty, I rarely make it out to the stores because when I finally get to be home after traveling, I want to be HOME. I love that this product tells me exactly what styles/brands will be the best fit for my body shape, so I don’t have to waste time trying on clothes in bad florescent  lighting and staring into wonky changing room mirrors that do NOT help your self-esteem.

*Added Bonus* Having my measurements saved somewhere has been super helpful when shopping for other items like dresses/swimwear where I was unsure of my size and now can order with more accuracy.

Photo Apr 25, 1 29 45 PM.jpg

For my first shopping experience I took my latest measurement, clicked catalog, and instantly had dozens of styles that were tailored to my body shape available on the app. I put a couple Joe’s Jeans options on my stories, and y’all picked a skinny black denim…the people had spoken... so who was I to argue?!

The “Like A Glove” app linked me to Amazon where I could purchase said denim (hello convenient) and 2 days later those beloved skinny jeans were in my happy little hands. I’m thrilled to say the pants fit great and I didn’t have to waste second in the dreaded mall... Does anyone even go there anymore?!

Photo Apr 23, 5 18 30 PM.jpg

All in all, I like being able to monitor my weight and step away from the scale (which is basically self-confidence suicide). But mostly I LOVE the convenience of having a personal shopper at my fingertips. I’d recommend getting the 2 pack and gifting the second pair to a friend so you can set goals and shop together. 

Interested in a pair of Like A Glove shorts!!? I know you are! Click HERE and use code LIKE10 for 10% off your purchase!