Secrets aka My New Family


I’ll be honest, I’ve never written an entire blog post dedicated to the Staff at a hotel. I’ve also never stayed at a Secrets Resort before, so here we go!

As someone who spent 5 years working in retail, and now works with clients on how to improve customer relations, I am a stickler for good customer service. I truly believe that the staff has the biggest impact on a customers experience, which is why I was SO in love with the staff at Secrets! Y’all….THIS STAFF!! They are the kindest, happiest, most helpful, and genuine people you could ever hope to meet. They truly want the guests to enjoy their stay, and they are experts at anticipating your every need! They take proactive service to a WHOLE new level.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a warm smile, cheerful “welcome home”, glass of champagne, and a cool towel!!  Our bags were whisked away to our room and the staff set us up with room keys and a map of the resort. I just about had Barley air-mailed and called the place home right then and there.


Jerica: The second day of our stay we received a call from Jerica at the Preferred Club, who said she had arranged a complimentary room upgrade, spa visit, and special birthday dinner for us during our stay (UM, OK JERICA). She arranged to have our bags picked up and said they would be waiting for us in our new room. When we arrived at our room I almost cried when they showed us our oceanfront suite filled with champagne and rose petals. Jerica also arranged for our transportation back to the airport, surprise birthday breakfast complete with champagne and a birthday cake, an amazing spa day, left us sweet notes in our room, and essentially became our Secrets fairy godmother.


Antonio: This sweet man was our waiter for my birthday dinner and I absolutely LOVED the personal touch he had with us during our stay. He asked us about our life back home and we spent a wonderful 2 hours chatting and sharing pictures. The next day, when I ordered a small cheese plate to our room as a snack, he saw the order come through in the system and had them make a special gourmet cheese plate and send up a bottle of cab (because he remembered I loved smooth reds from the night before). You. GUYS. When I ran into him later that night he gave me a huge hug and asked me if we enjoyed our cheese plate. His attention to detail and personal investment in our experience made us feel like we were staying with family.


Omar: Omar was the bellman of our dreams. He made sure we never lifted a finger and was kind enough to drive us to the airport on our final day because he wanted to personally see us off. We headed to the airport in a private car filled with snacks and ice cold beverages and it took everything inside of me not to beg him to take us back to the hotel and let us stay forever.


Esther: Before even arriving at the hotel my mom connected with Esther who knew we hadn’t been to Cancun and were a little nervous about taking a public taxi. Esther took it upon herself to organize transportation for us, so we could feel confident that we could get to the hotel promptly and safely. She also asked the staff to fill my room with balloons for my birthday, so she has a special place in my heart.

Brenda: Our spa day was SUCH a relaxing experience thanks to this wonderful lady! She gave us a private tour of the entire facility, recommended which treatments we should start/end with, and even gave us a foot massage before we left.


There were SO many other people who made our stay memorable… Jesus who greeted us with champagne and a “welcome home!” when we first arrived. Antonio who, not only cooked us a gourmet meal but, felt the need to walk it out to us himself and wish me a happy birthday in person. Fadhier, who having never even met me in person, recognized me from my photo and when I returned from a tour asked “Mrs. Farmer, how is your birthday?!”. Alex, who saved our seats, provided us with cool water and fresh towels everyday at the pool. The room service staff who woke me up with a gourmet breakfast and sang happy birthday to me on my birthday morning while they LITERALLY showered me with rose petals (it was insane y’all)!


At this point, I’m sure you’ve gathered that we are slightly obsessed with the staff. I mean, they really felt like our family while we were there and we already can’t wait to go back and visit them! If you get the chance to go to the Silversands, be sure to ask for our friends. I can guarantee you’ll be greeted with a smile, hug, peck on the cheek, or firm handshake and feel just as home as we did.

Want more Secrets? Then check out my post about the amazing Private Dinner set up by the amazing staff, it was truly an evening to remember.