Secrets Private Dinner


Upon arriving at the hotel, the staff at Secrets told me that they wanted to plan a special birthday dinner for Dylan and myself (UM, YES PLEASE). And when they learned my parents were also traveling with us (because doesn’t everyone take their parents on their romantic beach vacations) they invited them as well, which was SUPER thoughtful! They immediately handed us a menu full of a ton of delicious items and asked us to pick some options for a gourmet four course meal overlooking the ocean! Insert giddy gif here. Is this real life!? Can someone pinch me, please! I mean, can we just stop and talk about how magical this place is. Are you seeing these photos?! From start to finish, our private dinner was absolute perfection. Definitely an experience we will all remember forever.

All The dinner details

We arrived at 6:30 sharp and we were first greeted by Antonio at the beginning of the pier, who then led us into the stunning gazebo set out on the water. They set a beautiful table complete with flowers, wine, and all the fancy white china! Secrets Resorts doesn’t play around guys. Antonio started off the dinner by asking the on-site sommelier to present our wine, a 2005 cab which they aerated and poured for us. We were then served some AMAZING dishes… from the asparagus soup (an absolute must), to the surf/turf, to the octopus… I can’t even!! Each dish was fresh, flavorful, and plated beautifully. There’s something pretty special about dining on the ocean with your favorite people during a beach vacation that just feels otherworldly. I can honestly say that in the moment I just felt so grateful. It was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday! I wish I could be back there right now… Spring Break 2019 is calling my name. Who’s with me?


The icing on the cake (literally) was when the head chef (also named Antonio, duh) and Antonio brought out a perfect little cake with sparklers and sang Happy Birthday. Talk about feeling special. It was such a fun ending to a beautiful dinner; and after spending two hours with the staff, laughing, and chatting with them, it really felt like we were with family. I just don’t know if I can stress it enough, the community surrounding this resort is worth the trip alone. Forget the extra amenities. The people are where it’s at. The fact that it is pretty much heaven on earth is simply a bonus. I mean, let’s be honest, any beach vacation is a win… but add in an amazing sense of family and it really morphs into something more.


I cannot say enough wonderful things aboutThe Antonio’s!! They went above and beyond paying attention to every detail and crafting the perfect night for my parents, Dylan, and myself. Between the view, the food, and the service it truly was an experience I’ll never forget. If you ever find yourself heading to the Secrets Silversands for a special occasion, like a Tuesday, I highly recommend you book a private dinner, it does not disappoint!

Do YOU want to be part of the Secrets Silversands family?

It’s easy! Go online and book your beach vacation now.  Travel sites like Orbits, Expedia, and Travelocity make traveling super easy.  Just type in your destination and dates, and they’ll do the rest! Southwest Vacations also offers Riviera Maya (the home of Secrets Silversands) as one of their destinations, and their free 2 bag policy means you can pack as many bathing suits as you want. Holla! All the Secrets Resorts are known for their luxury and attention to detail, but obviously after this trip the Silversands holds a special place in my heart. I can’t stress it enough; if you’re looking for a relaxing, beach vacation at a beautiful resort with an amazing spa, outstanding food and drinks, and a staff that goes above and beyond, Secrets Silversands is the resort for you.  Book your trip today!

It’s obvious I love this place, they are like family and you haven’t checked out my post about their AMAZING staff[that I am actually forcing to be my family] you’re missing out. You can read that HERE.