The Most Realistic 27 Artificial Plants Online

I have been on an interior design kick as of late. I’m not sure why… maybe Marie Kondo has gotten into my subconscious…but I want to clean, organize, and decorate everything. I love the way florals or fresh greenery looks around a home, but the reality is, I have allergies sent from Satan himself and I pretty much kill any vegetation within a 10 foot radius of me.

I needed a home decor solution that would fill the following needs: I needed something that would add a pop of color and make the room feel fresh, I needed something that wasn’t a trillion dollars so Dit wouldn’t send me papers, and I needed something that required zero upkeep.

The solution… Indoor Plants. Boom. Oh, and by indoor plants I mean fake plants, artificial plants, faux plants, call them whatever you want… I call them #loproof. If there is ever a sliver of a chance that a plant could die… I will surely kill it. So the deader the better in my book! I went on a pinterest palooza and found the BEST artificial plants on the market with the top reviews. Double click whatever strikes your fancy to see the price and where to buy online.

The best artificial plants online

Best Artificial Trees

Anyone else obsessed with all of these amazing Home Decor Instagrams that are just amazing, comfortable, but also somehow so chic?! And every single one has a Fiddle Fig or some other flourishing and amazing house plant. You too, can now have that household magic without worrying if your 80 dollar plant will survive your Spring Break vacation.

Best Artificial Accents Plants

These puppies range in size and can be perfect for working into a bookshelf or fitting into your living room decor. I even love having a variety of small plants as part of your kitchen decor. Sitting on the counter, used as a pop of green on some floating shelves… the home decor world is your oyster. These small accent pieces are perfect for brightening up little nooks and crannies of your home.

Need more reasons why artificial plants are the best plants? Let me count the ways…

Fake Plants Are Great for People With Allergies

You can lysol & clorox them. Yes, you read that right. I’m super allergic to plants. If we’re being specific, allergic to houseplants AND dust. I get super itchy and it’s awful. But fake plants can be sprayed with cleaning supplies and swiffered which helps reduce the dust and makes them the PERFECT hypoallergenic solution to someone who is sensitive to allergens like me. I mean, I live in Fort Worth and Texas allergies are no joke… so I will take a win wherever I can get it.

Fake Plants are Hard to Kill

I kill all plants. That’s right black thumb of death over here…  I have killed 3 cacti… they can literally survive in the barren desert but not at my house. It’s very depressing ...but it is my cross to bear. And since I still haven’t come around to artificial florals…FAKE PLANTS IT IS! Sign me up for that plastic pot of Pinterest!

Fake Plants are Pet & Baby Proof

Fake plants are also great for dog moms or people moms because so many house plants can kill your pet and kids like to eat dirt… or so I’m told. But seriously, the idea of having a plant in my house that could hurt my sweet Barles is just not even an option. Take your toxic Peace Lily and get out of here.

Artificial Plants last FOREVER

You can justify making a bit of an investment because these plants will be around until Jesus takes you home. Here’s the thing I know some of these puppies are crazy expensive, so I’ve selected a few in a variety of prices. Whether you are looking for now on the cheap or ready to make an investment in a artificial plant you’ll have forever, I’ve got you covered. And rest assured, every one of my picks has been reviewed at 4 stars or higher. Reviews are like 8 million friends who are letting you know before you purchase if the item suck or not. Also, who wants to deal with return shipping!? Answer. No one.

Artificial Plants Require ZERO maintenance

Quite possibly my favorite part about fake plants is that once I spend the money on them, I am done. NO watering, no plant food, no repotting. They are basically the “set it and forget it” of home decor but look alive, and God bless them for that.

Fake Plants are Low Risk

We looked at a house the other day and the entire kitchen floor had to be replaced because their cat had knocked over their fiddle leaf fig while they were out of town and the water had soaked into the wood floor and warped it. The ENTIRE kitchen floor had to be replaced… I mean you could buy 20 fiddle leaf fig trees for what it costs to replace real wood floors.

They can survive in every climate

We live in Fort Worth Texas, where it either feels like a frozen tundra, the surface of the sun, or the tropical rainforest… and somedays you get all 3. So, it can be tough to find plants that can tolerate all those kinda of weather. But guess what? Fake trees don’t need A N Y T H I N G. Did you ever want a beautiful olive tree but you couldn’t grow one because your local climate didn’t allow it… don’t worry, artificial trees will live forever, because they have everlasting life.

Do you have an artificial house plant you can’t live without? Share the wealth and tell everyone in the comments below. #ittakesavillage