Big News for the Farmers…

Those of you watching my insta stories may have noticed, I’ve been super into all things HOME lately. There was the Great Marie Kondo Purgo of 2019, followed by the Artificial Plant Google Research Project, and I have a good reason…. Drum roll please…

We are moving!!!!


Our current Fort Worth home was the PERFECT first home for us. But we really needed some more room and a photography studio for me. So when a 4/3 ranch home came on the market less than a block from some of our best friends, we jumped on it. It was the day after Christmas, and my grandma Peggy & parents were in town so we thought we would take a look around Fort Worth to get a feel for the housing market. It was the last house of the day and we walked in, I took about 15 steps and looked and Dylan and I think he just knew… I had my heart set on that house. And as the saying goes “happy wife, happy life”.

We will still be in Fort Worth, just one neighborhood over from where we are now.. so while we will surely miss our wonderful neighbors, we are excited for a bigger home where we can host our friends. Mostly, I’m excited to decorate. I have basically been google stalking wayfarer and overstock lately… and I’ve listed all of my findings below, because someone else should benefit from my research. The new house is a bit bigger so we are on the hunt for a few key home decor pieces and I’d love your input.

The Perfect Sofa

Dylan is thrilled because we have two living rooms in the new space. I’m sure one is supposed to be formal and one is supposed to be the area where people actually spend time. But we aren’t formal people so we’ll be doing a tv and sofa in both. One living room is directly by the kitchen, so our current sofa will be going there. But the front living room (with this amazing picture window I can’t wait to share with y’all) needs double sofas or a sectional.

These are all in the running but I can’t quite decide. A double sofa seems more practical as we could easily find places for 2 sofas if we were to move later…but there is something so comfortable about a big sectional. I am seriously torn so feel free to give your feedback in the comments below, and if you want more info on these just double click each image.

Jute Rug

These things are bomb. They somehow manage to take a complete beating and still look amazing. I still can’t decide if we should layer this with a Persian rug from one of those amazing female owned rug accounts I featured a few weeks ago, or if we should just leave it as is. Again, I am torn so feel free to comment and tell me what to do.

Entryway Console Table

Y’all! We’re gonna have a COAT CLOSET. You cannot imagine how much joy this brings me. Now when you walk into our house the entryway table won’t be covered with jackets and purses. We will have a perfect space for a pretty entryway table like real grown ups. Again… can’t decide so check them out and let me know your favorite.

DIning table

This one is a little tough…. we technically have a dining room table but I am on the fence about it. Part of me wants something bigger that can seat for people for family dinners. And another part of me wants to remind myself that I haven’t won the lottery and all of this furniture will be paid for my the same bank account so keep dreaming. BUT… again… if I do decide to make the leap feedback is appreciated.

DIning Pendant Light

I have also spent way too many hours researching pendant lighting and I still can’t seem to settle on a style. These are a few of my favorites. I keep coming back to the circular black one… there’s something so clean about it that I’m really drawn to.

Area Rug

We have a formal dining room and a breakfast nook off the kitchen in the new house. I love the look of Persian rugs but don’t love the price point if it’s going under the kitchen table. So a lower-pile budget friendly rugs was the perfect solutions. I’m also looking into ruggable since they can be thrown in the washer and I’ve heard great things.

Circle Mirror for Mantle

OK honestly asking here…. is this look over? Did I miss the boat? Because we have a brick painted fireplace in the new house that I want to install a new wood mantel on but I can’t tell if I am late to the party on this one.

Toss Pillows

Because toss pillows are life-giving. I LOVE buying a neutral color couch and then investing in some fun toss pillows to give it a fun pop of color. Switching out toss pillows is an easy way to get a new look when you feel like the space needs a refresh, but it doesn’t break the bank. We even have Christmas themed toss pillows I break out around October…I’m a psycho I know. Our current couch pillows are almost ready for retirement so these are a few items I’ve been stalking online.