The Dolder Grand

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From the breathtaking views to the lavish decor and exquisite restaurants, the Dolder Grand hotel is THE place to stay if you’re planning a trip to Switzerland. It is by far one of the classiest hotels I’ve ever stayed in, and I can’t recommend it enough. I’d plan another Europe trip in a heartbeat just to have the opportunity to enjoy all the luxurious details the Dolder has to offer.

The Location

Whether it be by plane, train, or automobile the Dolder Grand is one of the most accessible hotels in Switzerland. It’s located incredibly close to the city of Zurich and is only a short 20 minute car ride from the airport. They’re also available via public transportation and their website explains exactly which train(s) to take so your journey can be quick and worry-free. No one wants to start off their vacation by spending hours stuck in a car or on a train! Not to mention, they also provide this super helpful list which shows their proximity to all of the major cities near Zurich:

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The Rooms

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After I saw a genuine Warhol painting in the lobby of the Dolder Grand, I assumed the rooms were going to wow me and I wasn’t disappointed. They’re covered in floor to ceiling windows which give way to stunning views of the countryside. The furnishings are modern yet comfortable, and I about died when I saw the free-standing tub. I could have spent my whole trip relaxing in the bath and I wouldn’t even have been mad about it. They have a huge variety of rooms and suites and different price points, and some of their executive suites even come with butler service. PERFECT for honeymooning couples or anyone looking to relax and splurge a little. 

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Hospitality and Entertainment

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I can’t say enough good things about the staff at the Dolder Grand. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous a hotel is- the staff can make or break your stay. I’m pleased to say that they definitely made our trip. They are incredibly welcoming and friendly, and are always prepared to answer questions, give directions and recommendations and anything else that would help make your stay more memorable. 

The Dolder offers a variety of ways to entertain yourself if staying in the bathtub for days on end doesn’t suit your needs. Dylan and I rented electric bicycles on the property which was a fun and unique way to get to know the hotel and surrounding areas.

The lobby features live piano music Tuesdays through Saturdays from 5:30-7pm which is a nice compliment to happy hour. You can have a drink, a homemade snack, listen to music and stroll through the lobby admiring the huge collection of contemporary art. A complete Swedish experience without ever leaving the hotel!

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Bar and restaurant scene

Speaking of happy hour, if you’re a drinker or a foodie the Dolder has a couple great options for you. The hotel features a 2 star Michelin-rated restaurant aptly named “The Restaurant”. It’s one of the most highly rated restaurants in Zurich. You can choose to indulge in a 6 or 10 course tasting menu, and the wine list boasts over 500 different wines so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect bottle to compliment your food.

In addition to The Restaurant, the Dolder Grand is also home to the Saltz restaurant, a more casual but still delicious dining option. The menu is made up of a ton of locally-sourced options and it’s hard to decide which is more memorable- the food or the stunning decor. 

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The Dolder also has a Sunday brunch buffet and a huge panoramic sun terrace where you can eat, drink, and enjoy nature. It doesn’t get more relaxing than enjoying a glass of wine in perfect weather with the rolling hills surrounding you.

The spa

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I can’t write a post about the Dolder without mentioning their spa; the spa has won numerous awards and is known as one of the most exclusive spas in Switzerland. At just over 4,000 meters it’s HUGE, and yet each guest’s experience is intensely personal. The spa has everything from fitness classes and a swimming pool to a shop and cafe.

Guests are provided with bathrobes and slippers, and cell phones are prohibited so it’s impossible to not disconnect and let yourself be pampered. People travel from all over Switzerland to enjoy the spa at the Dolder Grand, and hotel guests have it right at their fingertips.

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Have you booked your plane tickets yet? Start planning your Europe vacation now and make sure a stop at the Dolder Grand is at the top of your list of things to do!