Uncle Biff’s Killer Cookies

As a major foodie....there are certain things I “have to have” when visiting my favorite cities... enter Uncle Biffs Cookies. This family owned cookie shop has been in Hillcrest San Diego for over 25 years, and their cookies are straight up life changing y’all. So incredible in fact, that Prince Harry (heart eyes) had them sent to a friend recovering in the hospital and Aerosmith references them in one of his song lyrics. 

I now make it a tradition to swing by Uncle Biffs on the way to the airport and load up on some cookies before I head home to Texas. I also conveniently use them to bribe the gate agents to upgrade my seat (100% success rate).

Next time you’re in San Diego, stop by and change your life. Below are a few of my top picks.

1. California Killer Cookie

2. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

3. Chocolate Chip Salted Caramel

4. Peanut Butter  

5. Oreo Stuffed Cookie (I KNOOOOW)