6 Keto Fat Bomb Recipes That Are Actually... The Bomb

Whether you’ve just started down the path to ketosis or you’ve been swiping left on carbs for awhile, fat bombs are a great way to get some extra energy and stay on track with the low-carb keto diet.  Let’s be honest... if I was on a regular diet I would probably want to stay away from something that’s labeled a “fat bomb”, but that’s the beauty of keto- fat is no longer the enemy! In fact, it’s the opposite.  Including healthy fats in your diet is a great way to feel full and still lose weight.

What is a Fat Bomb?

Fat bombs are exactly what they sound like: “small snacks or treats that are high in fat and low in carbs (so, literally a fat bomb) that you can eat as a quick breakfast, as a quick mid-afternoon snack, as a pre- or after- workout snack, or as extra fuel during your day.”  They can be anything from avocado to peanut butter and oats to bacon to chocolate- there are thousands of delicious recipes that are guaranteed to boost your energy and motivate you to say caio to carbs.

3 Steps to Fat Bomb Bliss

Pair a healthy fat with some kind of flavoring (think chocolate) and an ingredient with texture (think nuts or seeds).  All you need to do is mix the ingredients together, form them into a ball (a mini muffin tin also works well) and then refrigerate or freeze for several hours.

According to ketosummit.com, fat bombs should always be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container because fat turns to liquid at room temperature, and no one wants a liquidy snack (unless it’s a mimosa or a margarita).

Fat bombs are usually small (like the size of a mini muffin) so they’re easy to grab and eat in the car, in between meetings at work, or in the locker room after a workout.

These Keto Fat Bomb Recipes are TheBomb.com 

keto almond joy

3 ingredient Almond Joy Fat Bombs :image 1

Not only are these keto and DELICIOUS, they’re also vegan, gluten free, sugar free and paleo.  Compared to an actual Almond Joy candy bar with 29g of carbs and 24g of sugar, this recipe should be a no-brainer.

creamsicle Keto fat bomb.png

Creamsicle Fat Bomb : image 2

These tiny bites of heaven are easy to make using an immersion blender, and they contain 20g of fat with only .7g of carbs.

coconut keto fat bombs

Coconut Cinnamon Fat Bombs : image 3

This recipe is a must-try even for those who don’t like coconut; the ingredients are blended together and then rolled in coconut, so they have a different texture than most foods containing coconut.  They’re also high in fat and low in carbs- the perfect Keto pick-me-up!

raspberry cream keto fat bomb.png

Raspberry Cream Fat Bombs : image 4

Valentine’s Day is coming up and nothing says “I love you” more than offering to give up carbs for your significant other.  Show your love and lose weight while eating these adorable little raspberry cream fat bombs. They’re so cute you could also put them out at a “Galentine’s” party and no one would even guess they’re Keto.

Not all fat bombs are sweet!  These last 2 recipes are savory bombs that are guaranteed to give you that extra bump of fat macros without any extra sugar, and they could even be put out as an app to go along with happy hour!

bagel keto fat bombs.png

Everything Bagel and Lox Keto Fat Bombs : image 5

Everything delicious about a bagel and lox without all the added carbs- you can’t beat it!  You could also add in red onion and capers for an extra kick of flavor.

burger keto bomb.jpg

Keto Burger Fat Bombs : image 6

These bombs contain a few more ingredients and are a bit more labor intensive than some of your typical fat bomb recipes, but the end result is worth it.  Tiny burger balls that taste great and are guaranteed to be a hit at a party! Consider putting these out for Super Bowl Sunday so everyone can snack but still stay on track with their diet.

What are your favorite Fat Bomb recipes? Let us know in the comment section below! Want more Keto goodness then check out our Keto Pantry Staples post and my favorite Keto Brunch Wrap.

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