The most unique afternoon tea in London


Afternoon tea might be for the Queen, but Brigit’s Bakery can make you feel like royalty! I had a blast on their afternoon tea bus tour, and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who’s traveling around London.

Not only did I learn my way around London, I also got to experience the British ritual of having afternoon tea. When the tour was over I felt comfortable wandering around the city on my own, and I was more familiar with British customs which made my trip that much more enjoyable.

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The tour is on a bus, but they’ve converted it into booths so you almost feel like you’re sitting in a traditional tea parlor...but on wheels. It’s such a fun and unique way to experience London and afternoon tea, it’s like nothing I’ve ever done before.

You pick up the bus at the Victoria bus station which is located across from the Victoria train station. Word to the wise: don’t confuse Brigit’s bus with the standard double decker busses that are picking people up outside the station. The busses look similar, but Brigit’s has a big sign emblazoned across the top that reads “Afternoon Tea Bus Tour”, so you can’t miss it. Let everyone else stick to public transportation- you’ll be touring London in style! Overall, it’s really easy to access and the location is incredibly convenient as well. Keep in mind depending on the time of your tour, the bus might depart from Trafalgar Square. Check the website for more information.

The inside of the bus is decorated really sweetly, with fake flowers and British flags along the perimeter of the ceiling and 50’s style diner booths for seating. For those concerned about trying to drink hot tea on the’s surprisingly easy, especially with the addition of the booths. You have a nice table with cupholders on which to rest your food and drinks, so you don’t have to worry about balancing a teacup on your lap or buttering a scone while you’re moving and trying to listen to the tour guide. Some booths seat 2 people while others seat 4, and you can choose your spaces ahead of time so you’re guaranteed a table with your party.

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The tea sandwiches and pastries were AMAZING. I’ve experienced 3 traditional afternoon teas in London, and this was by far my favorite. The atmosphere and the food were just the best, and I also thought this one was the best value. Tours start at 45 euros per person, which I think is incredibly reasonable based on both the quality of the food and the tour itself. They even offer different selections based on dietary needs; you can choose a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or halal version of the tea.

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The staff was super attentive and informative, and we got some great information about places around town that helped us to formulate a plan of what we wanted to explore more. The tour takes you past common London landmarks such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, and more. The tour lasts around an hour and a half depending on traffic.

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When the experience is over they give you a really cute keepsake cup and to-go boxes so you can take home whatever food you didn’t finish.  The tour might seem “girly” to some, but when I went I saw tons of families and couples on the bus, and I really think it’s a great tour for people of all ages. Who wouldn’t want to escape the dreary London weather while still being able to see the sights, all the while eating delicious food and drinking hot tea? Can’t recommend this tour enough!

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