The Grand Marlin


Every once in a while you have a meal that so satisfies you that you feel as though you won't be able to eat again for a week. I didn't say you actually don't again for week. Just that you feel like you won't... I did eat again. My leftovers. Like 30 minutes later. Judgement free zone. 


When you arrive at the Grand Marlin it's definitely a building that stands out on the water, it is absolutely enormous. Literally, it's a huge restaurant. They have multiple dining rooms and a main patio overlooking the water near the bar, but also a sneaky hidden patio where we were lucky enough to sit. The patio had beautiful views of the bay, perfectly shaded from the sun, and oh-so-peaceful. 


Our server was a dream and we were quickly greeted with 2 of the restaurants most popular appetizers, The Blue Angel Chips and the Crispy Lobster Fingers. Holy decadent Batman! The Blue Angel Chips were out-of-this-world. We are talking housemade potato chips with warm blue cheese dressing poured all over. Rub all over your body good. And y'all. They sent out a half order. HALF. A whole order would be enough to feed a small army. Every single item we ate was delicious, from the creamy grits to the peach danish to the grilled lobster tail. It was all perfection. 

grand marlin blue angle chips

Oh and let's not forget to talk about the drinks. The head bartender and sommelier was kind enough to bring out some of her specials and these cocktails were next level. Like unique, not too sweet, perfectly balanced. The Summer Elixir was a personal fave. 

If you're in Pensacola, The Grand Marlin is a definite brunch must! 

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