Bikinis, Beach Balls and Bushwackers: Your 2019 Pensacola Beach Bar Guide

There’s something about an ice cold cocktail that perfectly compliments the warm sand and the salty waves of the Gulf Coast; luckily for you, Pensacola Beach offers a great selection of bars and restaurants where you can sip a drink, enjoy an appetizer and relax, or take a beverage to go and head back to your tunes and your towel! Here at SDD we’ve taken it upon ourselves to sample all the watering holes Pensacola Beach has to offer, so come with us on a little stroll down boozy beach lane and catch some rays…and a buzz!

The view from  Flounders  on Pensacola Beach

The view from Flounders on Pensacola Beach

Flounders Chowder House

Flounders is a magical never-ending wonderland. From the cabanas, to the volleyball courts, to the dock... You could easily spend a whole day here drinking, eating, and people watching. Don't forget to order their signature drink, the "Diesel Fuel", served in a souvenir glass. It's like free stuff... I love free stuff. There is a playground in the middle of the restaurant so this place is definitely kid friendly- bring the whole family! They host some pretty well-known bands during weekend nights in the summer, so definitely check out the calendar of events on their website if you plan on making a stop here!

Casino Beach Bar & Grill

Live music. Check. Tables right on the beach. Check. Walking distance from most hotels. Check. Big. Ass. Bar. Check, check, check. This place ticks all the boxes! In the heat of the summer they bring out the misters so you can sip your drink and enjoy the cool spray on your face. Don’t forget to check out the blue lounge chairs on the sand right outside the restaurant...all you have to do is snag a server and you’ll have your drinks sand-side!


This is one of our favorite restaurants, but it's also a great spot to enjoy a beautiful beach view and a tasty, cold drink. Did we mention there's a playground for your kids!? Get sauced while the kids are in heaven. That's good parenting, right? The seafood nachos are gigantic and amazing, and you can’t go wrong by ordering a “Bucket ‘o Rum” or their signature “Crab Trap” cocktail. They also feature a Crab Leg drink which comes in a souvenir glass you have to see to believe. Local tip: ask to sit on the upstairs balcony for an amazing view of the beach and a breeze you can’t beat.

Landshark’s  Pensacola

Landshark’s Pensacola

Landshark Landing

If you like Piña Coladas, well... you'll like this place! Located next to the Margaritaville property, this spot is one of our favorites as it epitomizes the term "beach bar." The drinks are cheap and delicious, and it's super relaxed with hammocks and picnic tables placed in the sand outside. Cooling misters are located all over so you're never too far from a refreshing blast of cool air. And because it’s a little off the beaten path, it’s usually not very crowded. This is must visit on Pensacola Beach.

Red Fish, Blue Fish

This place is next level cute. From the painted wood front doors to the scattered adirondack chairs, to the lawn games, this place is a perfect spot for couples and families alike. It's on the Sound side so the water is a bit more calm- perfect for families with young kids! There are giant checkerboards and other games in the sand, and at night they light bonfires out by the water. It’s such a fun location that you won't even mind if you have to wait for a table. If you’re lucky you might be able to hear from live music from Flounders a couple doors down.

Bushwackers from the  Holiday Inn Resort Pensacola Beach  photo credit:

Bushwackers from the Holiday Inn Resort Pensacola Beach photo credit:

The Sandshaker

While the bar itself isn’t much to write home about, the bushwackers sure are. Never had a bushwacker? Start with one from here. They originated at the Sandshaker and are a delicious frozen chocolate/coffee/boozy treat that you have to experience to understand. Pro tip: ask for a floater of salted caramel vodka- you won’t regret it. Or if you’re really in the mood to party, you can request some “high test 151” rum. The Sandshaker also has several types of frozen daiquiris on tap, and their bar backs right up to the sand so it’s easy to grab a drink and head back to your towel to enjoy the sun, surf, and maybe even bushwacker-induced siesta.

Peg Leg Pete’s

Peg Leg’s isn’t technically on the beach, it’s close enough that we’ll give it a shout-out. It’s further down the road (close to Landsharks and Margaritaville) but it’s definitely worth the drive. A trip to the Gulf isn’t complete without some fresh oysters, and Peg Leg’s is known for theirs. Their menu boasts 11 different kinds! Be brave and order an oyster shooter paired with a cold draft beer if you really want to experience the south. They even offer a completely Gluten Free menu. But the food and atmosphere here is so good you should be prepared to wait, especially during the busy season. Just pull up a stool and wait at the “Underwhere Bar”’ll be worth it, we promise.

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Honorable Mention: Flora Bama

We can't talk about the Gulf Coast without at least mentioning this place. It's quite a drive from Pensacola, but it's about as 'Merican as apple pie... or an apple pie shot, at the very least. If your in the mood for some church they offer multiple Sunday services. True Story. I mean, if you're not taking communion with a bushwhacker you're doing church wrong.

Happy day drinking y'all!

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